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Echo Fix aus Australien sind mittlerweile die Nummer 1 wenn es um Ersatzteile für die alten Tape Echos von Roland geht. Als neue Herausforderung haben Sie jetzt aus der Erfahrung ein neues Tape Echo gebaut, dass allen Ansprüchen der Musiker von heute genügt.
Als High Lights hervorzuheben sind die eigens produzierten Tonköpfe und Motoren welche den höchsten Anforderungen genügen müssen.

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A classic effect, built for modern users – the EF-X2 couples the sounds you know and love, with features and reliability unimaginable in the past. In designing the EF-X2, the team here at Echo Fix began with the knowledge and insight gained from our work as the world’s foremost experts in spare parts, servicing and repairing vintage tape echo units including the famous Roland RE-201 Space Echo. Put simply, we know how tape echos should sound and operate.

We spent three years prototyping, rigorously testing, and meticulously designing in secret – while accounting for every possible application. We couldn’t find a new production motor good enough so we made our own and invested in the latest high tech machinery to custom balance them in house here at Echo Fix. We could not find tape heads that sounded good enough so we had custom tape heads manufactured to our exact specs.

One of the other important things when it comes to reliable tape echo operation is the tape loop. We thoroughly researched tape and have a tape formulation that not only lasts a very long time but sounds incredible as well, that is how far we were willing to go to make the EF-X2 reliable and sound great!

What we have built is a warm sounding tape echo with a modern feature set that is at home in the professional recording studio, live guitar rig, bedroom production setup or in any other context you can dream up, we cannot wait for the EF-X2 to become an integral part of your creative process.

  • Three core functions – tape echo, reverb, and preamp. (Spring Reverb Tank Optional)
  • Independent inputs (and level controls) for Instrument-level and Line-level applications, plus balanced input and output at rear.
  • Three echo playback heads, and a Sound On Sound Head giving 11 Head combination Settings in total.
  • Adjust the echo’s Time and Feedback with Control Voltages (CV 0-5 volts) and compatible Expression Pedals.
  • Bass and Treble control of the echo signal.
  • Motor ON/Switch for tape slow down effect – or to conserve tape when only using the EF-X2’s reverb or preamp.
  • State of the art DSP Reverb with independent controls.
  • Mute the reverb or echo signal with a dual foot switch pedal.
  • Comes with a worldwide-compatible, 100 – 240v power supply (no step-down or other transformers required).
  • Built tough to last, by someone who’s repaired and upgraded more tape echo units than you can possibly imagine!
  • 2 Years Warranty with peace of mind that this is made by a company that has been operating for over 10 years specialising in tape echo repair and spare parts.
  • High quality scratch resistant front panel.
  • 2 Tape loops supplied with each unit.

“Beautiful cascading tape repeats. A sound and feel that can only satisfy you in a way in which no digital recreation could come close to. Thank you Echo Fix!!”JOJI MALANI – GANG OF YOUTHS

“What Echo Fix has done here with the EF-X2 is almost unbelievable! They’ve maintained the character of those that came before it, added necessary engineering improvements for reliability and in-turn created a tape echo that pays homage to its vintage ancestors. The EF-X2 firmly makes a place for itself in any studio or live performance setup as a daily workhorse.” – Tom Hall (Sound Designer, Programmer, Musician)


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